The Power Slide mechanism represents the latest innovation in corner cabinet solutions. The symbol of a perfect balance between design and functionality, the system features attractive trays that slide out independently with a smooth, fluid movement. Trays are equipped with full-extension slides, mounted centrally. The straight sliding movement allows complete access to your stored items and makes the system suitable for installation next to your dishwasher or drawers, because trays will never bump into drawers or dishwasher doors.



Product number 9591100
Interior Dimensions Required - Height Min. 24 3/8 in
Material Plastic
Weight capacity per shelf 44.1 lb*
Load Rating 88.2 lb
Number of Trays 2
Solutions Corner Cabinets
Area of Activity Food Storage, Storage, Preparation


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9591910  Min. 33 7/8 in  Dark Gray  Left          $357.56
9592910  Min. 33 7/8 in  Dark Gray  Right       $357.56
9591100  Min. 33 7/8 in  Gray  Left                     $453.02
9592100  Min. 33 7/8 in  Gray  Right                  $453.02
9595910  Min. 45 3/4 in  Dark Gray  Left          $377.12
9596910  Min. 45 3/4 in  Dark Gray  Right      $377.12
9595100  Min. 45 3/4 in  Gray  Left                    $464.36
9596100  Min. 45 3/4 in  Gray  Right                 $464.36

9591100 Power Slide Pro-Arc Mechanism Kitchen Corner Cabinet Trays Richelieu

SKU: 9591100