Lazy Susan Trays 24" corner cabinet, pot pan - Plateaux pivotants armoire

Lazy Susan Trays 24" corner cabinet, pot pan - Plateaux pivotants armoire

SKU: P24K40

P24K40 Almond Lazy Susan 3/4 swiveling Trays 24" kitchen corner cabinet, pots and pans, storage, two undermount shelves from Richelieu Hardware $97.44 + tx,  Design signature accessories to make cooking even more enjoyable - Lazy Susan 3/4 plateaux pivotants 24" armoire de coin de cuisine, rangement pour casseroles et poêles, deux étagères en dessous du comptoir.



Product number P24K40
Interior Dimensions Required - Height 21 to 33 in
Number of Trays 2
Capacity per Tray 35 lb
Material Polypropylene
Solutions Corner Cabinets
Area of Activity Food Storage, Storage, Preparation



- Polypropylene shelves.
- 7/8" diameter chrome-plated telescopic post, adjustable from 22 1/2" to 33".
- Shelves rotate independently.
- Shelving system aligns with the corner of the cabinet.
- Hardware made of durable nylon.
- Made in North America.


- Includes two 270° shelves, one post, and hardware.


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Available models | Modèles disponibles

P24K40 24 in Almond $97.44
P24K30 24 in White $77.11
P28K40 28 in Almond $100.73
P28K30 28 in White $87.53
P32K40 32 in Almond $129.53
P32K30 32 in White $113.65