4CW224SC1 Deep Drawer Divider Maple Wood Richelieu - Séparateur Tiroir

4CW224SC1 Deep Drawer Divider Maple Wood Richelieu - Séparateur Tiroir

SKU: 4CW224SC1

4CW224SC1 Deep Drawer Divider for Pots and pans made of Maple Wood Richelieu - Séparateur Tiroir casseroles

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This product is a Rev-A-Shelf product.
Deep two-tiered sliding drawer to organize your storage of pots and lids. Made of natural maple on Blum MOVENTO slides with a 3/4 in (19.05 mm) over travel. The top drawer features a chrome divider to organize lids. The bottom drawer comes with a perforated bottom to customize your storage using screw-in pegs and pot dividers.


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Product number 4CW224SC1
Finish Maple
Solutions Base Cabinets
Area of Activity Storage
Interior Dimensions Required - Height Min. 19 in
Interior Dimensions Required - Depth Min. 22 1/4 in
Product Dimensions - Height 18 7/32 in
Product Dimensions - Depth 22 1/4 to 36 3/4 in
Load Capacity Max. 110 lb
Soft-Close Blum MOVENTO



- Designed for cabinets with an exterior width of 18 in (457.2 mm) or 24 in (609.6 mm)
- Made of natural maple construction with semi-gloss finish and rounded tail drawer
- Bottom-mount TANDEM slides with 3/4 in (19.05 mm) over travel
- Bottom panel comes with 220 holes to customize your storage
- Includes four divider pegs for the bottom, one lid bracket for the top drawer for 18 in (457.2 mm), and two lid brackets for the 24 in (609.6 mm) drawer
- Mounted at the bottom of the cabinet
- Meets TSCA Title VI standards